About Us
What could be better than a career rooted in a true passion?  Kris Koch has always loved music, as evidenced by fond stories of his first radio, his first stereo, his first rock concert, and an ever-growing collection of music.  Initially hooked on classic rock, Kris developed an appreciation for a wider variety of music from his grandparents who were avid ballroom dancers, and from his experiences as an on-air DJ and manager at John Carroll Univerisity’s radio station.

Kris Koch, founder of Num Num World Music, Inc., has been a DJ since 1985, and loves to introduce people to music they might not know.  Kris is now pleased to offer a number of insightful presentations and articles, in addition to his DJ services, that highlight the best of the world’s music. He’s proud of the efforts he has made to support artists whose songs are predominantly positive—reflecting the respect and hope that all of us deserve in our entertainment.